Michael Garozzo is the owner and operator of the four Garozzo’s Italian restaurants in the Greater Kansas City Area. They are celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year on April 6th, 2014.

Michael was born and raised on the “Hill” in St. Louis. He began his restaurant career as a busboy, with a dream of one day owning a restaurant. His father, Salvatore and his uncle Alfio, both waiters in fine restaurants all their lives, encouraged Michael.


He opened the first Garozzo’s in 1989, as he says “On a wing and a prayer”  in the historic Columbus Park Italian neighborhood in Downtown Kansas City, A.K.A The North End. Today there are four popular locations in the Greater Kansas City area. Garozzo’s prides itself on its signature Chicken Spiedini, a Garozzo’s creation, which has become a Kansas City staple.

In 1992, Michael made his first trip to Italy. It was then that he decided to create his own private label wine, Garozzo Cellars Chianti Classico using the 1993 vintage. Garozzo Cellars is available by the bottle and glass in each of the restaurants. Not satisfied with dining in for his customers, Michael wanted to recreate the dining experience at home. In 1998, Michael began the process of bottling his Sugo (tomato sauce), Diablo sauce, Amogio, House Italian dressing and Fat Free Italian dressing. He painstakingly makes sure that each recipe is followed to the letter and that the sauces are available at most grocery stores in the Kansas City Metro Area.

Garozzos was voted Best Italian Restaurant 2013 by Ingrams Magazine and The Pitch and recently recieved the presitgious Kansas City Magaizne Hall of Fame Award for Best Italian Restaurant. To recive this award you have to win this award 5 years in a row! “To Reiceve this award you must win in your category for 5 consecutive years” After recieving the award for 5 Consecturive years After Recieving Best Itailan award 5 consectuive years in a row, Kansas City Magaize awarded Garozzo’s Best Italian Restaurant

Rated by Zagat as one of the top Italian Resturants in the county, Garozzos was quoted in Zagat as “Food so good, you will taste it in your dreams, in a Santra kind of hang out” Michael received the Greater Kansas City Restaurant Assocaition tour of the year in 2001 and is currently a serving on the GKCRA board of directors.

Michael, his wife Marguerite ‘Maggie’, his four daughters and the entire Garozzo’s staff invite you to a true Italian dining experience. Happily married to Maggie for 30 years, they have 4 daughters, 2 Son-in-laws and two grandchildren. They all invite you to a true Italian dining experience second to none. We will welcome you like you are coming to our home for Sunday dinner because you’re family at Garozzo’s, Where Chicken Spiedini Began.